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Mobile Working Technology is Not the Answer…

There is so much focus at the moment on mobile working utilising new IT software and hardware. Great though the improvements are and not to underestimate the potential efficiency savings, not to mention the benefit to customers, we’d like to challenge the perspective that this is an answer in itself.

In our view, mobile working is merely a tool to achieve an outcome. The real power comes when you focus on the drivers: more user friendly software, better presentation of data, less paperwork, more familiar user interface, high quality workflow to encourage consistent working and less down time, more real time data to help resource plan and evaluate services, etc.

Ask yourself why these don’t apply to office based systems too. How much easier would your day be if what you use was more fun, customisable to your needs, gave you the info you want in one place without running reports or visiting multiple screens or systems to get it. As a manager or leader, what wouldn’t you give to receive richer, real time data to support your decisions and monitor service success?

The teams at RCT Homes have truly embraced this way of thinking and now they are really beginning to motor. They’ve already got their estate based customer service teams on mobile technology linked to back office workflow, a new web based Anti Social Behaviour  (ASB) software package enabling video chat, text case creation, automated quality control and single view Customer page and Property page, a ‘risk based’ assessment system of customers to help identify and support new and existing tenants to sustain their tenancies, and a new Resource Planning and Forecasting tool being rolled out across the teams.

As if this isn’t enough, they plan to use the data being captured to focus and join up business resources, improve customer engagement through technology, increase online collaboration with partner agencies, decide resource levels based on workflow data and fact based business cases, video and photo based repairs assessments…and there is much, much more that we haven’t time to mention here!

If this has made you think differently or sparked an interest and you’d like to learn more, please drop Adrian an email at or give us a call.